OPINION: Give the woman a crown for her weight-loss success

HAVING been subject to negative comments about my weight, level of fitness and prior smoking of cigarettes, I know all too well the detrimental impacts negative comments can have on someone trying to make a lifestyle change.

So when I had the opportunity to meet and interview a woman who had lost half her body weight in just over 18 months, I jumped at the chance to find out what the secret was to her success.

After interviewing 'Gladstone's Queen of Weight Loss' along with CQUniversity lecturer in exercise and sports science Dr Rob Stanton, I have concluded there were two elements to Ronda Smith's success:

She was'ready' for the challenge.

And she was surrounded by a really supportive group of friends and family.

This makes her one of the lucky ones as there are many people I have spoken to over the years who have mentioned the negativity or judgemental questions they've copped when talking about their new lifestyle goals.

From quitting smoking to losing weight, or getting your unfit body into shape to tackle a week-long hike in the mountains; it doesn't matter what the lifestyle change choice has been. It only takes one negative comment directed at someone undertaking such a challenge to send them off their pathway to success.


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Next time you come across someone tackling a challenge, try to avoid using any negative comments, or even an unsupportive tone of voice. Your voice could make a difference in their lives.

A round of applause needs to go to those who supported Ronda during her weight loss challenge (see pages 6 and 7) as it is this kind of support vital for anyone undertaking such a challenging lifestyle change.

As for Ronda's achievements ... surely the Gladstone queen of weight loss deserves a crown? Or maybe a makeover like they do on the Biggest Loser?

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