Tannum Sands resident Ian Anderson.
Tannum Sands resident Ian Anderson.

Boyne-Tannum: Give people a reason to stay

RESIDENTS across the region have been contributing ideas for the future vision for Gladstone.

Visioning Visioning workshops have already been held at Mt Larcom, Agnes Water, Boyne Island, Calliope and the Boyne Valley this week as part of the community-led Vision 2035.

The final event, open to everyone, is being held at the Gladstone Entertainment and Convention Centre from 8.30am-1pm today.

Some of you put pen to paper and shared your thoughts and ideas on your vision. 


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Ian Anderson, Tannum Sands resident

I HAVE lived in Boyne Tannum area for the past 35 years since transferring with my employer at the time from the colder climate of Tasmania.

That move, with our then-very young family, with the support of my employer, has provided me with the opportunity to now enjoy my retirement in the same area. 

Since way back in 1980 we have seen the boom and bust cycle do several rotations over the intervening 35 years and we always seem to recover, although it is frustrating at times having to put up with higher cost of living in the boom times.

The sad part is that many of the older residents see it as an opportunity to make a small profit from sales of their homes and move away to another area with a lower cost of living and perhaps better services.

My personal experience since transitioning towards retirement some four years ago has been to keep myself active (both mind and body) by getting involved in organisations such as Lions Club, Friends of Bindaree and more recently Men's Shed.

It is quite time-consuming and onerous at times as we have to balance it with family commitments and travel.

Unfortunately there are many others in our community that are just happy to stay at home and drop out of circulation or simply move away from the area.

My 2035 vision for the area is that we continue to develop a community of proud residents who are happy to stay in the area beyond their years of employment and at the same time give something back to the town that supported them and their families for so long.

This means providing service organisations where they can stay in contact with each other outside of work and remain active.

Unfortunately, I see red tape being put in the way of perfectly capable and willing service groups and their volunteers in trying to help each other.

Every organisation is struggling to get volunteers and those who do volunteer are invariably the older ones.

We need to encourage more of our younger residents to become involved.

Obviously if we are going to retain residents beyond retirement, we need also to improve the infrastructure around that, such as health and aged-care facilities, not only in Gladstone, but also in the wider community.

Also I would like to see our wider community given better access to services provided in Gladstone through a better public transport service.

There are some wonderful services provided in Gladstone that are not accessible to out-of-town residents simply because there is no public transport.

A good example is the Gladstone Aqua Therapy Association, which had to remove its bus service from Boyne Tannum to its facility because of financial hardship.

This is one organisation to which our Lions Club has provided substantial support over the years to help maintain access to this service for local residents who don't drive and are now unable to take advantage of the wonderful service provided by GATA.

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