Girl, 12, lands 280kg bluefin tuna

A 12-YEAR-OLD girl from Novia Scotia has the ultimate tale of the one that did not get away after landing a 280kg bluefin tuna.

The boys at her school may not have believed her, but it doesn't matter because Jenna Gavin has her catch on video.

Not surprising given her parents run Giant Bluefin Tuna Charters.

On Tuesday, the 12-year-old from Ballantynes Cove, Antigonish County, fought and landed a 618-pound bluefin tuna, the Chronicle Herald reported.

"The biggest fish I caught before was a mackerel," said Jenna on Thursday. "I caught an eel once, too."

Jenna set out with her fisherman father, John, and mother, Chandra, to set a world record.

A girl from France held the International Game Fish Association's previous female youth record for largest tuna. Hers weighed in at 430 pounds.

"We don't have many small fish like that in the Northumberland Strait, so we figured she should be able to break the record," said her mother..

"I had faith in her that she could do it. She's strong like her father. I just prayed she didn't hook a real huge fish or a mean one."

To qualify for the record, Jenna had to do everything on her own - no one else was allowed to touch the rod or line.

For two hours she fought the fish, giving line when she had to and taking line when she could.

"My only real strategy was stamina," said Jenna.

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