Ghostbusters trailer out: Anger over black 'add-on'

The Ghostbusters trailer has been unleashed upon the world, like a ravenous Slimer.

And there's so much promise locked within this tease.

Director Paul Feig and screenwriter Katie Dippold have carefully placed all the right elements into play; with the same sort of half-nostalgic, half-revamped feel that pushed The Force Awakens to such resounding success.

Plus, the film reaps from the strongest players of Saturday Night Live's modern history, and one box office queen; pitching Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones against the forces of the supernatural.

However, some fans have highlighted a problem within the film's casting; the combination of three white, educated scientist characters played against a black character who is seen to rely on "street smarts".

It's a combination which unfortunately slides towards the usual, tired cinematic stereotypes when it comes to race, as many on social media have pointed out.

Feig's intentions with Leslie Jones' character seem pretty clear, marking a deliberate hark back to the dynamics of the 1984 classic; where Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis played scientists to Ernie Hudson's civilian character.

However, there's no particular reason to maintain the exact dynamics of the original, specifically when it came to the position of race within the film.

Hopefully, this trailer provides only a brief glimpse of a far more expansive narrative; and, considering Jones' is a regular SNL highlight, hopefully the team have got something a lot more interesting cooked up for her in the final film. 

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