Getting out: Castle Tower National Park

IF you're looking for somewhere to spend some time in the great outdoors this weekend, check out Castle Tower National Park, in the Boyne Valley.

The park is 70km south of Gladstone.

It features towering granite cliffs flanked by two large granite outcrops, Mount Castle Tower and Mount Stanley, which is the highest peak on the Many Peaks Range.

Experienced, self-sufficient bushwalkers with skills in bush navigation can explore the park and enjoy panoramic views over the Boyne Valley, Lake Awoonga and Gladstone from the summits.

Spectacular wildflower displays can be seen in late winter and spring.

There are no formal walking tracks or route markers.

Open eucalypt woodland with a shrubby heath understorey covers most of the mountain.

The heath contains plants found only locally, such as the Byfield spider grevillea Grevillea venusta.

Small areas on montane heath occur on the high peaks. Dry rainforest scrub grows along gullies and creeks.

The park is the southern limit of white gum Eucalyptus platyphylla.

Bushwalkers can bush camp in the national park. Camping permits are required and fees apply. 

There is limited four-wheel-drive access to Castle Tower National Park across private property.

Access is mostly by boat across the Awoonga Dam and then by foot across Gladstone Area Water Board land.

Permission must be obtained from the water board before entering or crossing their land.

You can also camp nearby at Lake Awoonga Caravan Park. The lake is flanked on its southern side by Castle Tower National Park. 

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