Get out your best dress, it’s festival time in Gladstone

THERE'S only five more sleeps to go!

That's five more sleeps until all the fun of Gladstone's biggest party, which is The Gladstone Harbour Festival.

That's seven days of bands, princess crownings, food, fun, rafts races, fun runs, and a street procession that will blow everyone's mind! Here's my suggestion, be a part of it because it's your festival.

This Sunday we start it all off with the Workforce International Street Parade from the showgrounds and then the fun starts.

Get the family together after 2pm to line the streets including making Goondoon St as colourful as ever.

Cheer on all the floats as they have a ball, and a quick reminder that if, and only if, I am wearing a colourful dress (that the office girls picked out for me to wear) please can you be kind to me?

Don't laugh too much and please no photos as I don't ever want to see any evidence of it happening.

By the way if there are any photos of it happening, can you please hashtag it with Gladstone Harbour Festival.

It will just make it easier for my legal team to find you!

In all seriousness this harbour festival is all about fun in the sun and celebrating why we love living here and being part of this community.

It's also the 66th running of the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race, which starts on Good Friday and it will see the fastest yachts arriving in town early Easter Saturday so get out to Spinnaker Park to cheer them in with Mayor Gail Sellers.

As it's a community event and run by a lot of volunteers from Gladstone Festival and Events it's worth noting they do this because they love it.

They volunteer their time as do so many from Rio Tinto, because they've been doing it with their friends for so long.

If you'd like to volunteer as well, come down and I'm sure we can find a job for you.

Just a quick note also to remind you that with me being the MC each night on stage (this will be year five now) try not to throw too many flowers on stage at once.

It makes it hard to clean up each night.

Chocolates are fine as are drinks, but please keep the throwing of vegetables to a bare minimum, and don't even think of bringing any eggs unless they are chocolate and have a Cadbury logo on them (my favourite)

Enjoy the Harbour Festival starting Sunday, relax, smile and love it, I will.


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