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'Get out of my f***ing country': Man's racist rampage at Gladstone stores

A DRUNKEN Gladstone man simply looking for a place to charge his phone has ended up on a racist rampage at two Gladstone stores.

The man, who cannot be named, pleaded guilty in the Gladstone magistrates Court to one count of committing public nuisance, one fail to appear in court and one aggravated breach of a domestic violence protection order.

The first of the offending occurred February 1; police were called to Coles Supermarket at about 5.15pm where they located the defendant sitting on a bench outside the store.

Witnesses told police that the defendant had entered Kmart and walked up to the front counter.

He asked staff if there was anywhere he could charge his phone, the court heard.

After being turned away, the defendant began to abuse staff, shouting loud rants including: "Go back to where you f***ing came from, get out of my country."

He then made his way to Coles and was approached by the manager, who asked the defendant to leave.

"Fight me you f***ing (expletive)," the defendant shouted at him."

The court heard the man was noticeably intoxicated at the time.

He was arrested and released on bail for these offences, and then failed to show up on his court date.

Later, on April 28, police were called to a Gladstone residency after reports of a disturbance at about 4pm.

The court heard the defendant had walked up the front stairs of the house, where the aggrieved, his former partner, lived.

He shouted out to the aggrieved to let him inside, but became aggressive when another male came to the door.

The defendant began to bang on the door and shout abuse at the man, before walking down the stairs. He began to pace back and forth in the front yard.

The defendant took off just before police arrived, but was shortly located after police heard him shouting from a vacant piece of land nearby.

He told police he had an 'ongoing hatred' of the man who had answered the door.

Defence lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield said the defendant and the aggrieved were in a relationship and shared kids.

She said he worked out of town, but the aggrieved allowed him into her home for visits when he was in Gladstone.

She said on that day, he was coming to see the kids after being invited by the aggrieved, but was surprised when she didn't answer the door.

She said her client had long-standing issues with the man who answered the door and was surprised to see the aggrieved was still in contact.

She noted that there was no actual violence towards the aggrieved, and that the aggression was aimed at the man.

Gladstone Magistrate Melanie Ho the protection order was made against the defendant in 2015, and he had breached it five times.

She said some of the previous breaches were physical, including actual violence and threats to kill.

She also noted that the protection order had since expired and the aggrieved had come to support the defendant in the courtroom.

He was sentenced to a head sentence of 12 months imprisonment for all offences, to be released immediately on parole.

He also received a $300 fine.

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