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Gardens on the verge - Council says no!

I AM devastated that one of the most productive and beautiful front gardens in Agnes Water has to be destroyed due to a 'complaint' from a sad person that this virtual food forest is taking over the so-called nature strip.

It has no impact on anyone other than the creator of the garden (though it is true that many are impacted by its beauty), and yet it must be destroyed, as decreed by Gladstone Regional Council.

I am saddened that a viable and accessible piece of land, (to all) measuring four metres wide, and 24-ish metres long must NOT contain vegetation, must NOT have any beauty, scent, food, and god forbid, therapeutic qualities, either visually, medicinally, spiritually or physically.

In a world crushed by depression, and disconnection, plants, ecology, habitat must NOT encroach on the arid weed choked verge. stated by the Regional Council who promotes gas, coalports, dredging and annihilating habitats for the dollar.

It's a bit sad having to rip out thriving, healthy, happy plants....will be putting up signs for the butterflies, bees and birds, directing them to where they are safe from bureacracy.

On my walk to work this afternoon I noticed a number of gardens that encroach upon the nature strip, including trees growing and overhanging same, well outside the boundaries of properties.

I want to know if anything can be done to save this garden?

Many, many councils embrace the concept of well maintained food gardens on unused verges, why is it a problem here?

There is still pedestrian access, there is abundant food for wildlife as well.

Can anything be done to save this garden?

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