Kai Devine in the IM.
Kai Devine in the IM. Rebecca Devine GLA121218SKINS

GALLERY: Gladiators swam out of their skins just recently

SWIMMING: Stormy skies, wind and rain did not deter the Gladstone Gladiators from giving it their all at the inaugural LCR Summer Skins Spectacular at Emu Park.

The Sunday event combined a novice meet with skins-elimination racing and wrapped-up with a poolside dance-off, which brought smiles to many tired swimmers' faces.

Eligible Gladiator novice swimmers who won a medal included; Tiarna Warhurst, Dallas Plunkett, Haydn Rethamel, Eliza Rethamel and Annabel Cox.

They won a collective two gold, five silver and three bronze.

Swimmers faster than the novice cut-off raced for cash in the skins-eliminator races where the top six competitors raced in 60-70sec intervals.

The slowest competitor was eliminated each round.

Eleven-year-old Kai Devine was the stand-out Gladiator and placed first in the 100m individual medley, second in backstroke, third in freestyle and fourth in butterfly.

"It was hard and my arms were dead at the end of the individual medley," Kai said.

"The IM was hard to know where you were in the race because in each race, the order of the legs were different and we were all doing different strokes at the same time so it was a bit confusing.

"I just went flat out in my strong legs, the freestyle and butterfly and hoped I would get through.

"I slipped a bit and had a dodgy start in the freestyle skins race, which slowed me down, so I tried my best to catch up and still got third overall, which I am still happy with."

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