Fuel prices are expected to remain steady in Central Queensland. Picture: RACQ.
Fuel prices are expected to remain steady in Central Queensland. Picture: RACQ.

FULL LIST: Where to find the cheapest fuel in CQ

Fuel prices are expected to remain steadily on the high side across Central Queensland as Easter approaches.

While majority of service stations across the Brisbane region have moved upwards of 169c per litre for unleaded, most Central Queensland drivers can fill up at prices under 140c.

RACQ spokesman Clare Hunter said prices had increased across the region although should remain stable into the weekend.

“The price of unleaded has been pushed up over the last few weeks by an increase in the oil price and terminal gate prices, but oil prices are now dropping, so petrol prices across regional Queensland should stay stable as we head into Easter,” Ms Hunter said.

“Regional Queensland doesn’t operate on a petrol price cycle like we see in south-east Queensland, instead greater discounting at the bowser often happens in areas where there is more competitive tension.

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“This can be due to more retailers or retailers that are more inclined to drive business with lower prices.

“Regions across western Queensland are substantially more expensive due to reduced competition due to fewer sites, and to a lesser extent increased transport costs.”

On Tuesday, Caltex Middlemount remained the most expensive in Central Queensland with unleaded 91 costing 161.9c and premium diesel at 169.9c.

The new Bluff servo offered the best deal between Emerald and Rockhampton, with unleaded and diesel both at 132.9c.

Moranbah on Tuesday had the cheapest fuel across the region, with both diesel and unleaded at 128.5c at Puma and Caltex on Belyando Avenue.

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While Mackay, Rockhampton and Gladstone had higher than usual prices, some service stations were still offering cheaper fuel.

Ms Hunter said there were price variations across regional centres so drivers were encouraged to use price comparison services to locate the best deals.

“Now that prices have returned to pre-Covid levels drivers really need to do their research before heading off on their journey,” she said.

“Use sites like RACQ Fair Fuel Finder to see is deemed a ‘fair price’ for that region, and additionally use our app on your smartphone to look up service station prices and locate the best deals.

“These apps compare prices for every retail site in Queensland, so you can see in close to real-time, who is offering the best prices.

“Sometimes that may be in your local town or it could be closer to your destination.”

Cheapest fuel across the region:

Barcaldine: Choice Barcaldine – U91 139.7c, diesel 137.7c

Blackwater: BP Blackwater – U91 135.9c, diesel 135.9c

Bluff: Bluff Servo – U91 132.9c, diesel 132.9c

Capella: Ampol Capella – U91 134.9c, diesel 128.9c

Clermont: Choice Clermont – U91 135.5c, diesel 134.5c

Dysart: BP Dysart – E10 145c, diesel 145.9c

Emerald: Puma Emerald Depot on Roberts Street – U91 139.7c, diesel 132.7c

Gladstone: Puma Gladstone on Hanson Road – U91 128.7c, diesel 127.9c

Mackay: Slade Point Fuel and Glenella Fuels – U91 132.9c, diesel 128.9c

Moranbah: Puma Moranbah and Caltex on Belyando Avenue – U91 128.5c, diesel 128.5c

Nebo: Caltex Nebo – U91 136.9c, diesel 135.9c

Rockhampton: Caltex North Rockhampton on Dooley Street – U91 129.5c, diesel 135.9c

Gemfields: Rubyvale Friendly Grocer – U91 138.9c, diesel 137.9c

Springsure: Caltex Springsure – U91 140c, diesel 140c

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