Radical social distancing measures to flatten the curve



PUBLIC gatherings of more than two people have been banned while Scott Morrison has urged anyone aged over 70 to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Prime Minister expanded already "radical" social distancing measures after the National Cabinet endorsed the moves late on Sunday.

The changes include closing all playgrounds, outdoor gyms and skate parks and a stern message that people they must "stay at home" unless they were shopping, going to medical appointments, exercising or travelling to work or study.


Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in QLD

Families and people living in the same household were exempt from the two-person limit for social gatherings, which had previously been set at 10.

Outdoor exercise groups have also been restricted to a limit of two people.

State and territory governments are expected to make the limit legally enforceable, possibly carrying significant fines for any breaches.


Edward St in Brisbane’s CBD was all but deserted yesterday. Picture: AAP/Richard Walker
Edward St in Brisbane’s CBD was all but deserted yesterday. Picture: AAP/Richard Walker


Mr Morrison said people over 70 years old were being "advised" but not ordered to stay home and self isolate for their own protection.

"This does not mean they cannot go outside," he said.

"They can go outside and be accompanied by a support person for the purposes of getting fresh air and recreation but should limit contact with others as much as possible," he said.

"These arrangements should also apply to those with chronic illness over 60 and indigenous persons over the age of 50."



Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy said the escalating social distancing measures were radical but people had to change the way they "interact with each other".

"Anyone who doesn't need to be out of their home should be in the home," he said.

"This is radical. The vast majority of Australians have done the right thing in the last week.

"We have seen huge evidence of that but we have also seen some very silly behaviour of people who haven't complied with that, particularly outdoors and sometimes indoors.

"And that's why we feel that it is really important that every Australian does the right thing because for these interventions to take effect, the science shows that you need more than 90 per cent of the population to be doing it all of the time."





Playgrounds, outdoor gyms, skate parks





Limit of two people indoors and outdoors (except for families and people
living together)





Aged over 70

Aged over 60 and have a chronic illness

Indigenous and aged over 50 (You are allowed outdoors for exercise but must limit contact)





Shopping for essentials

Have medical     appointments or     compassionate reasons

Undertaking   personal exercise

Working or studying, if can't be     done at home


Originally published as Full list of radical new social distancing measures

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