FULL LIST: Friday's HookUp winners

THERE was plenty of grinning faces at yesterday's Boyne Tannum HookUp when the prizes were announced.

The heaviest fish yesterday weighed in at 13.700kgs. It was a Jew, caught by Juztis McGrath. Juztis was yesterday's winner for the junior jew category.

In the seniors, Terrin Sharpe brought in a spanish mackeral weighing a whopping 22.660kgs. 

Here is the full list of winner's from Friday:

Friday junior category winners
Cobia: Tom Bennett, 11.820kgs
Coral trout: Tristen Dunn, 2.740kgs
Salmon: Ryan Loakes, 2.050kgs
Live flathead: Jack Brooks, 2.835kgs
Jew: Juztis McGrath, 13.700kgs
Live grunter: Dylan Price, 1.120kgs
Snapper: Ethan Bates, 1.380kgs
Parrot/tusk fish: Sarah Marie Button, 1.460kgs
Red emperor: George G. Button, 3.485kgs
Live whiting: Sienna Baartz, 0.195kgs
Live fingermark: Cooper Price, 1.660kgs
Live bream: Eli Lee, 0.895kgs
Friday senior category winners
Live flathead: Dayle Arlt, 3.005kgs
Mud crab: Earnest MacGregor, 1.380kgs
Coral trout: Brendan Palmero, 5.240kgs
Spanish Mackeral: Terrin Sharpe, 22.660kgs
Live fingermark: Zachary Price, 1.790kgs
Red emperor: Darren Box, 10.510kgs
Live grunter: Brianna Pidgeon, 2.390kgs
Cobia: Andy Burt, 19.580kgs
Live mangrove jack: Brendon Nell, 1.890kgs
Salmon: Ben Loakes, 3.400kgs
Snapper: Sharon Geall, 5.740kgs
Live bream: Andrew Bishop, 1.300kgs
Parrot/tusk fish: Bryan Skiggs, 7.220kgs
Jew: Shane MacKenzie, 19.520kgs
Live whiting: Dale Dagan, 0.290kgs
Red throat sweetlip: Chris Ownsworth, 2.630kgs
Live barramundi: Ryan Paterson, 1,196mm
Friday morning senior random draw
Draw 1: Andrew Batterson
Draw 2: Stuart Burke
Draw 3: Kristopher Chant
Draw 4: Dylan Bradford
Draw 5: Nathan Robson
Draw 6: Lauren Ranford
Draw 7: Rodney Jordan
Draw 8: Margaret Leahy
Friday morning junior random draw
Draw 1: Jack Barrett
Draw 2: Bonnie Quinlan-Lovelock
Draw 3: Meg Crawford
Draw 4: Ryan Newman
Draw 5: Deegan Martin
Draw 6: Kaleb Bracken
Friday night senior random draw
Draw 1: Ben Miles
Draw 2: Nicholos Cooper
Draw 3: Wayne Roder
Draw 4: Sherylea Ann Morris
Draw 5: Michael Hansen
Draw 6: Wendy Edwards
Friday night junior random draw
Draw 1: Ty Ernst
Draw 2: Darcy Hinz
Draw 3: Milton McGeachin
Draw 4: Jack Westlake
Draw 5: Rubi O'Sullivan
Draw 6: Henry Daniells
Draw 7: Coby Williams
Draw 8: Jasmine Del Popolo
Draw 9: Michael Fitzgerald
Friday night raffle prizes
Senior fish of the day: Denise Clow
Mountain bike: Tristen Dunn
Major junior boat prize: Kayden Bracken
Major senior boat prize: Bruce McGown
Junior fish of the day: Jack Brooks
Friday's safety awards
Wayne Geal
Mr Geal was given the safety award for asking questions about boating safety in the region before launching his boat on Friday at the Boyne Tannum HookUp. Mr Geal won a set of flares, a VMR gift certificate with membership, $50 Pats Tackle World voucher and more.

'Ignorance is not an excuse': Green zone patrols ramping up

'Ignorance is not an excuse': Green zone patrols ramping up

Anyone caught fishing in protected areas will receive a $2,100 fine.

Cyclone forms off NT expected to track to Qld

Cyclone forms off NT expected to track to Qld

'The cyclone is expected to intensify as it moves southeast today'

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