The latest lockdown could push some firms over the edge as dwindling cashflow exacerbated their already weak financial position.
The latest lockdown could push some firms over the edge as dwindling cashflow exacerbated their already weak financial position.

More businesses collapse in March

The latest Brisbane lockdown could push more firms over the edge as dwindling cashflows, particularly in the hospitality sector, exacerbated their already weak financial position.

A total of 44 Queensland firms entered either liquidation or administration in March, a 22 per cent increase on the 36 insolvencies in February, amid the end of JobKeeper subsidies and debt moratoriums.

A total of 40 companies went into liquidation over the past month and administrators were appointed to four companies.

Revive Financial partner Jarvis Archer said the latest lockdown would be difficult for businesses to handle, especially those in the hospitality and events sectors.

"At risk businesses are already running on tight cashflow and a reduced buffer to overcome disruptions," Mr Archer said. "While these businesses may be able to withstand a short closure, a key concern will be whether the current lockdown period is extended."

He said there had been a worrying trend of businesses letting their accounts, and also their tax lodgements, fall behind.

"We are seeing unprofitable businesses with no realistic prospect of paying their ATO debts commonly in the range of $150,000 to $300,000," said Mr Archer. "It seems that rather than the end of JobKeeper forcing business closures, it will be the eventual activity of the ATO, banks and other finance companies recommencing recovery efforts."

He said despite the challenging environment, there was now a greater willingness to accommodate flexible payment terms in the business community. "It's often preferable to get paid over time, and keep a customer, than to write-off the relationship," he said.


Revive Financial partner Jarvis Archer said the latest Brisbane lockdown would be difficult for businesses to handle, especially in the hospitality sector.
Revive Financial partner Jarvis Archer said the latest Brisbane lockdown would be difficult for businesses to handle, especially in the hospitality sector.


Three locally-based building firms went under this month, reflecting continuing tough conditions in the sector.

Brisbane-based GW Civil Contracting collapsed owing creditors $3.1m after COVID-19 delayed projects and it lost its JobKeeper eligibility.

Worrells liquidator Lee Crosthwaite told creditors that mounting losses meant shareholders were not prepared to further fund the company's operations.

Gold Coast-based Amphibia Engineering, which specialised in constructing tiny homes, went bust leaving a string of angry customers behind and estimated debts of $1m.

The company, which traded under the name Technopods, earlier this year applied for Federal Government temporary debt relief but was unable to keep its doors open.

Amphibia, whose directors are husband and wife team Jason and Kerry Caruana, specialised in custom built "tiny homes for use on land, water and wheels."

About 20 Technopod clients, who paid between $15,000 and $81,000, complain they either never received their homes or what they were promised.

Newstead-based Arcren Building was last week placed in liquidation with Bill Robson, of Robson Cotter Insolvency Group now in control of the firm.

According to a report to creditors filed with ASIC, Arcren owes contractors including electricians, plumbers, steel and concrete suppliers more than $420,000.

Arcren claims in turn it is owed about $600,000 in relation to what are described as "inflated claims" from a civil works contractor building a warehouse for the firm at Virginia.

CreditorWatch chief executive Patrick Coghlan said accommodation along with food and beverage providers were struggling due to international travel restrictions, while retailers were suffering as more people worked from home.

"The industries most impacted by COVID restrictions last year remain front of mind as those most likely to default on payments," said Mr Coghlan.

The franchisee operating a popular Shingle Inn cafe in Brisbane's CBD went bust earlier this month, joining a growing list of retailers in the area falling victim to the COVID-19 downturn.

Worrells Solvency and Forensic Accountants partner Nikhil Khatri was appointed liquidator of Tafani Corporation Australia, trading as Shingle Inn Brisbane Square, on Monday.

Mr Khatri said the company's debts included $145,000 owed to the Shingle Inn franchisor, which related to outstanding rent for the cafe's leased premises at Brisbane Square, a retail and commercial office building in Ann St.


Nanport Pty Ltd trading as "Nanport Pty Ltd"

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Reinhold Investments Pty Ltd

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333 Broadlea Pty Ltd

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GW Civil Contracting Pty Ltd

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ACN 063 228 400

ACN: 063 228 400

EEBP Group Pty Ltd

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Independent Plastics Group (IPG) Pty Ltd

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M & T Kelly Investments Pty Ltd

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Deekay Pty Ltd

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Prentice Enterprises (QLD) Pty Ltd

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Dixon Properties Pty Ltd

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Ascend Media Pty Ltd

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Surfside 2021 Pty Ltd, formerly known as Surfside Seven Pty Ltd & Bayside Capital Pty Ltd

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Wavecrest Pty Ltd

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Amphibia Engineering Pty Ltd trading as Technopods

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Memtech Holdings Pty Ltd

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Carano Pty Ltd

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Cape Three Points Pty Ltd

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Asset Solar Tech Pty Ltd

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Queensland Solar and Storage Pty Ltd

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A.C.N. 009 671 434 Pty Ltd

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Darlex Holdings Pty Ltd

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CND Civil & Demolition Pty Ltd

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Landmann Australia Pty Ltd

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Tafani Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd trading as Shingle Inn Brisbane Square

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MFG Buderim Pty Ltd trading as My First Gym Maroochydore

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French-Sinclair Holdings Pty Ltd

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