Fresh start worth the dramas of moving house

MOVING house. There is nothing like it.

Oh! Yes! It seems all very exciting; getting the keys to the home you have just bought/built/rented with the view to calling it your own.

And for those brief few moments, before you set down the first boxes and after you crack open the bottle of bubbly, it all seems utterly fabulous!


No marks, no chips, no scuffs. No toaster crumbs, no dog hair. No crumpled bits of packing paper. No stacks of flattened boxes.

No tears. No paper cuts. No bruises. No broken nails.

There comes a moment during every move when it all seems insurmountable.

Oddly, it's seldom at the very beginning. Noooo.

At the beginning you are still enthused and you don't smell like a revolting mix of newsprint and body odour, and there is no back-of-the-TV-cabinet dust in your hair.

It is almost a year since the kids and I moved into our wonderful little timber-chamfer and tin-roof cottage, built with a dream in mind, and ever since, lived in with lots of love.

I'm almost over the nightmares of having moved twice in the space of a year.

And both were emotional moves for a lot of reasons.

But now, when I have the time, I sit on my little patio, vino in hand and look over the view.

Then think back at the sweat, the swearing, the tears and the late nights laying turf and relying on pizza and a cheeky cider (or beer for my dad) as sustenance, and know it was all worth it in the end.

It's at this time of year many start the process of packing up and moving on.

But as heart-wrenching a process as it is, what blossoms is a fresh start and eventually, given some time, you set down your roots and make a house a place you call home.

It's yours. And while in the midst of the muck it might be a message that seems lost, but it is all worth it in the end.

It's worth remembering from a move blossoms a fresh start and somewhere to set down your roots.

Because there is nothing more fabulous than being home.

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