Freeze Frame event raises awareness of homelessness

GLADSTONE beats Rockhampton in the homeless stakes - and now it's time to act.

The Gladstone region was found to have a higher rate of homeless or at risk people than the Rockhampton region with 74 people at risk per 10,000 residents.

Rockhampton is slightly lower at 69 per 10,000.

This weekend, a group of people will come to a standstill to raise awareness for homeless people.

Roseberry House Services will hold its first Freeze Frame event on Saturday with 30 people wearing shirts with statistics and facts about homelessness.

Roseberry House Services supervisor Sherradean Easton said Freeze Frame would lead into the Homeless Connect on May 14.

"It's to educate and make people aware of the homeless statistics for our town and in Australia," she said.

This is the first time the organisation has held an event of this kind.

"It's (homelessness is) not just about that little old man down the street who doesn't have anywhere to live - it's about people who couch surf and use crisis accommodation and live at their friend's house," Ms Easton said.

A few of the statistics t-shirts include 590 females sleep rough and 13% of homelessness is due to lack of support.

The idea of Freeze Frame is to help spread an important message by onlookers photographing those participating and sharing the images on social media.

To catch the Freeze Frame, head to Gladstone Square Charter Hall at 10.30am or Stockland Shopping Centre at 11.30am.

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