Free intro class at Boyne for Toogee Martial Arts

FREE: Toogee Martial Arts will host an open day.
FREE: Toogee Martial Arts will host an open day. Toogee Martial Arts

MARTIAL ARTS: Fitness, family and self confidence is what Toogee Martial Arts is all about.

Central Queensland regional instructor Steven Cragg is the man behind the Taekwondo-based form of martial arts.

There are classes held throughout the region but the class at the Boyne Island State School Hall tonight is new.

An open night and free introductory training session will be held from 6-7pm at the school.

Cragg said it was a very close knit group that took part in the sport.

"It's a very family based martial arts, with kids and adults training together,” he said.

Cragg said some people joined for fitness and there were a host of other reasons to take part.

"Often people will come to lose weight and then fall in love with it and stay for the fun long past their weight loss goals,” he said.

"It's a positive thing for young women to gain self-confidence in themselves and defend themselves against a stronger opponent.”

Kids from as young as five can take part and there is no limit for older people, anyone is welcome to the classes.

Cragg is a certified instructor, holds a black belt and has been instructing classes since 2001.

There are classes during the week at Calliope library and Toolooa High School hall.

For further information visit Toogee Martial Arts Facebook page, website or phone Steven on 0409 452 168.

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