Free fun and BBQ on at East Shores

FUN TIMES: Head to East Shores today for some fun with Roseberry Qld.
FUN TIMES: Head to East Shores today for some fun with Roseberry Qld. Emily Pidgeon.

HOW often do you get to feel around in some gooey slime?

Roseberry Queensland will be offering you just that opportunity at their sensory obstacle course today.

Shannon Burckhardt has worked at Roseberry since the start of the year as a family support worker, and is one of the staff tasked with organising the event.

She said participants in the obstacle course will have to fetch a ball out from the bottom of some slime as well as to complete a series of other obstacles.

"There'll be sensor stations with a textural focus, (which will include) different textured feathers, pasta, wet textured items, just to allow participants to experience the different textures,” said Ms Burckhardt.

She said the course was created with the help of some of the participants in Roseberry Queensland's Branch Program, which provides support to young people from the ages of 12 to 19.

The event, part of Disability Action Week, is designed to create opportunities for all community members to join in, said Ms Burckhardt.

For those not into slime, Roseberry will also host a sausage sizzle, which will kick off around midday.

To attend the event, meet at the entrance to East Shores, and look for the Rosebery Queensland shirts.

Roseberry Queensland is a not for profit, community-based organisation, catering for young people and families.

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