Four times candidates' corflutes stole the spotlight

UNTIL the final week before the election it's been a relatively quiet campaign for Gladstone with minimal controversy.

However there have been four occasions when candidates' corflutes became the talk of the town -and not because people were so taken with the images of 21 hopeful faces.

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From graffiti and theft to an opportunist business ploy Gladstone residents are clearly taking notice of the corflute signs.

Here's four times candidates' corflutes stole the spotlight.


REAL estate agents Team McLeod decided to join the race to win your vote earlier this month by putting up their own election signage.

Of course, there won't be a 'Team McLeod' listed on the ballot paper, but there's no denying this cheeky advertising stunt caught the attention of voters.

"It's just a bit of light-hearted fun around the election," team leader, Shane McLeod said.

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2. I MOU-STACHE you a question…

DO you think Alex Staines looks like the monopoly man?

That's the image he likened himself to after a resident/s used the cover of darkness to give some of our candidates a makeover.  

The signs on Glenlyon Rd received the most attention and the different scale of images meant each candidate was given a different look.

Whether or not it's an improvement is up to you to decide.

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SOMEBODY obviously didn't appreciate seeing the town plastered in election signage.

Some candidates were devastated to find 38 corflutes were taken from the roadside and dumped in Wild Cattle Creek.

Kahn Goodluck took the worst hit with eight of his lying in the shallow water.

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WHO put their money where their mouth is when it comes to buying local?

We asked each candidate where they bought their corflutes from and the answers revealed some interesting information.

While everyone says they support local business, not all the candidates spent their money in town when it came to buying signs.

Only 18 bought their signs through local businesses.

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