Four resignations rock United States

So, as you know, today was supposed to be all about the New Hampshire primary. The first polls are closing in about 15 minutes.

However, in true Trumpian fashion, the President has managed to cause something of a distraction by landing himself in the middle of yet another controversy.

All four prosecutors in the trial of Mr Trump's associate Roger Stone resigned in protest today amid accusations of political interference in the case.

Mr Stone has already been found guilty on a number of charges, including lying to Congress, obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

Yesterday, prosecutors representing the Department of Justice recommended he serve 7-9 years in prison, a period in line with federal sentencing guidelines.

Mr Trump, who has known Mr Stone for decades and used him as a political adviser, was not happy. He tweeted that it was a "horrible and very unfair" situation.



Then, today, the Department of Justice suddenly undercut its own prosecution team and called for a more lenient sentence.

"While it remains the position of the United States that a sentence of incarceration is warranted here, the government respectfully submits that the range of 87-108 months presented as the applicable advisory guidelines range would not be appropriate or serve the interests of justice in this case," it wrote.

A spokeswoman for the department said it had made its decision before Mr Trump's tweet.

Nevertheless, the four prosecutors running the case - Aaron Zelinsky, Jonathan Kravis, Adam Jed and Mike Marando - reacted by withdrawing from the trial.

Two of them, Mr Zelinsky and Mr Kravis, also resigned from their jobs in the Washington DC US Attorney's office.

This is a huge story in the United States, so we'll continue to cover it in between updates on the New Hampshire results.

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