Former soldier's zombie apocalypse prep lands in court

A FORMER Australian Army soldier found with two knives hidden in his car near a Helidon Spa park told police he was preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

Adrian Jefferys had recently become a survivalist preparing for the "end of the world" and the two knives found in his car about 9.20am on June 7 this year were to help defend himself when the supernatural event happened, the Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard this morning.

A green-handled combat-style knife was found in the driver side door and another was in the centre console after police searched the vehicle when Jefferys appeared nervous when spoken to by police on a mobile patrol.

Prosecutor Rohan Brewster-Webb, on being questioned what a zombie apocalypse was by Magistrate Damian Carroll, said it was the belief the world would end by supernatural means, which was met with laughter from the public gallery.

However, Mr Carroll said knife violence was a serious offence, and told Jefferys a man had been murdered with a knife in Plainland the night before.

"This is very serious; a man was murdered just down the road," Mr Carroll said, and questioned Jefferys as to why he would have a knife to defend himself.

Jefferys then replied: "I'm not stupid enough to stab someone for no reason."

Duty solicitor Joe McConnell, for Jefferys, said his client had served in the army and had been diagnosed with PTSD.

A mobile police patrol had come across Jefferys in his car and, on appearing nervous, searched its interior at which point the knives were found.

Jefferys pleaded guilty to one count of possession of a knife in a public place.

He was fined $300, and had a conviction recorded.

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