Former cop accused of ripping off ATO

A FORMER Sunshine Coast police officer has been accused of defrauding about $150,000 from the tax office.

David John Latemore has been charged with of deceitfully gaining $149,055.04 in false GST refunds and attempting to gain another $879,457 through deceit.

Brisbane District Court has ordered Mr Latemore's bank account and a Mountain Creek house in Mr Latemore's father's name be seized.

In a statement from Australian Federal Police agent Clayton Kenny, the court was told Mr Latemore was not given notice of the forfeiture application because the AFP believed giving him warning of the application could allow him a chance to "draw down funds" or "deal with" the house.

Mr Kenny told the court Mr Latemore made false Business Activity Statements claiming he was spending thousands more in GST than he was receiving in sales between 2008 and 2012.

The court heard Mr Latemore allegedly told the ATO he was buying cars with the intention of selling them for a profit. But Mr Latemore did not have a motor dealer licence and had only sold one car between 2009 and 2012.

Mr Kenny said other cars Mr Latemore had bought were for personal use and could not be claimed as business expenses.

Mr Latemore is alleged to have claimed an $879,457 GST refund in a single quarter - drawing him to the ATO's attention.

The court heard Mr Latemore told the ATO he intended to start a charter boat company and had bought a yacht from a Cameron Rose at the Royal Perth Yacht Club.

But Mr Kenny told the court the RPYC was not involved in yacht sales and had no member named Cameron Rose.

He said although the ATO intended to refuse Mr Latemore's claim, a clerical error saw the $879,457 transferred into his account before being returned by the bank.

Mr Kenny said Mr Latemore claimed he had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars buying Mercedes-Benz cars from dealer Gary Crick Prestige . But Mr Latemore had never bought a car from Gary Crick Prestige.


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