Man with history of violence refused bail

ONE of three men who allegedly forced their way into an elderly Ipswich couple's home was deemed a significant risk to the safety and welfare of others as he was refused supreme court bail.

Asten Shawn Bell, 27, has 10 previous convictions for violence against multiple victims and reports show he is no longer suitable for community-based orders.

Mr Bell has been in custody since December 3 last year after police arrested him near the Brassall home where the couple, aged 70 and 69, lived.

He and two other allegedly rummaged through the couple's belongings and stole gold watches.

Mr Bell is charged with robbery in company using personal violence and burglary offences.

Justice James Douglas said, in Brisbane Supreme Court, that Bell was charged as an accessory to the events from 5.15pm that day.

He said one of the people with Mr Bell allegedly struggled with the elderly man, who tried to stop them stealing the watches, causing lacerations to his arms and legs.

In rejecting a bail application on Monday, Justice Douglas said Mr Bell had six pages of adult criminal history and four pages of juvenile history spanning 16 years.

"As the prosecution points out he's been convicted of 10 offences of violence against multiple complainants which have resulted in terms of detention and imprisonment," he said.

"He also has a significant history of failing to appear and three occasions of breaching bail quite recently in 2010 and 2012."

Justice Douglas said Mr Bell had a poor response to intervention and his claims to be attending counselling for his alcoholism did not come with any evidence of the effects the treatment was having.

"In my view it is clear that he poses significant risks to the safety or welfare of others because of his record," he said.

"He also poses a risk of failing to appear and because of his record he also has a significant risk of re-offending.

"It is said he may be in custody for a significant amount of time before the offences come before the court but they are serious offences."

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