Forget Queensland’s beaches, come see our port Obama!

RG Tanna Coal Terminal, Gladstone.
RG Tanna Coal Terminal, Gladstone. Brenda Strong

IF CAMPBELL Newman could take Barack Obama anywhere, where would it be?

It's not South Bank, it's not Surfer's Paradise or Airlie Beach - it's the Gladstone liquid natural gas port.

The Queensland Premier told 4BC yesterday, given the chance, he'd take US President Barack Obama and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping to Gladstone to see the LNG port's development.

Mr Newman said Chinese and American money was vital to the port's development - and was an example of the two global powers working alongside.

"If I could take President Xi of China and the US President, I'd like to take them to Gladstone. Because China and the US are involved essentially, money from both those countries, and Australian money, is involved in the massive liquid natural gas export terminal there," he said.

"So often people talk about China and America butting up against one another - this is an example where they're working together for mutual benefit to power the cities of Asia."

Mr Newman said G20 was more important to Queensland than hosting Expo or the Commonwealth Games had been.

He said planned on using the event to bush Brisbane, and regional Queensland, to the world.

"People talk about the Commonwealth Games as a landmark thing, they talk about Expo 88, sometimes they talk about the Goodwill Games," he said.

"Well G20 is the biggest thing that happened economically to our state and this city ever in my view. And it's probably the biggest thing that will happen in our lifetimes."

Mr Newman said the international media had already been filming and writing stories throughout Queensland which he believed would lead to a post-G20 tourism boom.


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