RELAX: Our yoga guru Pushpa Bakshi.
RELAX: Our yoga guru Pushpa Bakshi. Contributed

Reduce stress, strengthen lungs with breathing

FOLLOWING on from last week's article on alternative nostril breathing, here are the benefits:

Continue breathing this way by opening and closing left and right nostrils and complete ten cycles to begin with.

As a beginner, Nadi Suddhi pranayama can take a great deal of practice and concentration to master.

Try and focus on the breath to prevent the mind from wandering.

Ideally, at least 18-30 rounds of alternate nostril breathing should be performed to maximise the benefits.


  • As pure oxygenated air is breathed into the lungs with each cycle, the blood gets purified and circulation improves.
  • This pranayama helps strengthen the lungs and increases overall lung capacity.
  • Can help treat disorders of the respiratory system.
  • Due to the improvement in blood circulation, functioning of other organs in the body also improves.
  • As circulation improves, energy levels also increase.
  • Nadi Suddhi pranayama can help with weight loss as it increases the rate of metabolism.
  • It helps calm the nervous system.
  • Regular practice helps reduce stress.
  • It can improve mental health.
  • Can help remove excess body heat.
  • It can help improve appetite.
  • Can help reduce body odour.
  • This type of pranayama breathing is believed to strengthen the immune system and prevent illnesses.


  • The effects of pranayama breathing on the organs are almost instantaneous. Therefore it is extremely important, to practice pranayama breathing exercises only under the supervision and guidance of a trained yoga instructor.
  • There should be no forced or strained breathing during the exercise, as this can prove harmful to the body.
  • If during the exercise, you feel your body shaking involuntarily or that your muscles have become tense, stop the exercise and breathe normally.
  • If you suffer from high blood pressure, you should avoid Alternate Nostril breathing
  • As you advance in your practice, you can increase the duration of each cycle and the number of repetitions.

Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions, let's get it right from the start to give you and your body the ultimate benefit!

Pushpa is a certified yoga teacher. She is also a Reiki master and trained in natural healing. Pushpa has travelled the world as a senior leader for life coach and motivational speaker Anthony Robbins. Contact Pushpa on 0450 582 540 or

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