Vote Compass shows Flynn voters hold conservative views

FLYNN voters think new immigrants shouldn't be admitted to Australia, asylum seekers who arrive by boat should not be allowed to settle in Australia and the boats should be turned back.

That's according to the Vote Compass, an online voting system designed by political scientists to gauge how people will vote on particular policies.

The myriad answers have been divided across the top 20 seats where voters are most at odds on each of the key political battlegrounds.

To show how conservative the Flynn electorate is, it was also least in favour of recognising indigenous people as Australia's first inhabitants, and was highly against the Commonwealth passing laws requiring more women in senior positions.

The ABC has received more than 900,000 responses from across the country following its launch of the Vote Compass immediately after Kevin Rudd called the federal election.

Flynn voters don't believe mining companies should have to pay tax, and don't think private health insurance rebates should depend on income.

They also don't think federal governments should have to provide more funding for universities, or that Australia should spend more money on foreign aid - but it should be spending more on defence.

Voters in Flynn thought the Federal Government didn't need to do any more to tackle climate change, and shouldn't ban live animal exports, but there should be less red tape on businesses.

They also seem to be some of the least in favour of Australia becoming a republic.

Click here for our full election coverage and here for our guide to the Flynn electorate.

What issue is most important to you during this election?

This poll ended on 07 September 2013.

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The budget deficit


Asylum seekers




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