Flying objects, UFOs spotted overnight across Australia

GLADSTONE residents were not the only people looking to the sky in wander of what was going on above.

Independent UFO researcher Kay McCullock has heard of at least two other strange happenings in Australia's sky on Monday night and this morning.

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Today she has taken phone calls from Woodford and Melbourne, where residents reported seeing a bright flashing light or a meteor.

At the Sunshine Coast a flying object was seen at 2am today too, Wappa Falls Observatory owner Owen Bennedick said.

Ms McCullock said she suspected the Melbourne sighting was a UFO and what was seen in Woodford was a meteorite.


"The same or more than one was seen as far as Woodford Qld. Witness said may have possibly crashed into ground. Im finding more intel on this now," she wrote on her Facebook page.

"The one in Melbourne looks a little different, it looks closer to an anomaly or UFO.

"The other sightings have been either space junk or meteorites."

"Meteors and space junk don't do a curve back into the sky," she said, explaining why the Victoria sighting was a UFO.

"They come in at a particular angle and trajectory," she said.

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Ms McCullock wasn't surprised at the sky activity in central and southern Queensland last night, describing the areas as "hot spots".

"They are hot spots for people seeing UFOs and other high strangeness, weird things," she said.

"Some places can be hotspots because of their Indigenous connection, the land geography and if there's a lot of power plants and mining," she said.

"The industry in Gladstone could have a big effect on that too," she said.

The Bathurst Observatory Research Facility has meteors on display at its museum that were found in the Gladstone.

"Long before European settlement, an iron meteorite has fallen in the area," a spokesperson said.

"Gold prospectors with metal detectors regularly find small iron meteorites while looking for gold.

"The largest Gladstone iron was found in 1940 weighing about 24kg," a spokesperson said.

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