Fluoride removal a win for Gladstone's democracy

This article is an opinion and only represents the views of the author.

THE decision on fluoride removal from Gladstone's water supply should be commended even if not condoned by some constituents.



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Democracy and compulsory voting work quite well together and though seemingly a contradiction in terms they result in the fairness that elects a government or a council to make often contentious deliberations on our behalf.

Though not all Gladstone's councillors or ratepayers agreed on fluoride removal democracy ruled.

Flip the coin to the Federal Government's proposal to squander reportedly $160<TH>million odd for a plebiscite on same-sex marriage and duck shove the decision back to the voters who recently elected them - a shameless act of self-preservation by bigots scared to rock the ultra-conservative boat.

There are enough shiny seats occupied in both federal houses to surely reach consensus on same-sex marriage and accordingly pass an Act that which will become law at least until the next election.

Politicians are extremely well remunerated for the exalted profession they have chosen and should not require constant reminders that we elected them to make tricky decisions on our behalf. That's democracy.

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