Clint Hopkins with a 99cm flower cod.
Clint Hopkins with a 99cm flower cod.

Fishing with... big cod a treat for whole family

THIS week we go fishing with Clint Hopkins, who recently caught a 99cm flower cod.

Name: Clint Hopkins.

Age: 41.

What have you got there? I'm pretty sure it was a 99cm 17kg flower cod. I caught it out on one of the reefs out near Masthead.

It's probably about an hour run on Saturday at about 4am. I was using dirty old squid.

We were just bottom bashing seeing what we could pick up. It nearly dragged me out of the boat. It was good one.

Did you eat it? Fillet mate. Kids like fish bites so half small bites and the other half is away in freezer.

How often do you go fishing? As much as I can. I have a pretty big family, 11 children.

I don't like to leave the wife and children at home. I go fishing about once a month.

If the weather is too bad I cruise around the river.

What's the best fish ever caught? That cod now being out on the reef. Doesn't compare to the 120cm barra I caught at the end of last year.

It worked me and did all the jumping. Had my daughter with me that night and she freaked. In Gladstone near the QAL bridge.

Where are you from? Bundaberg. I never used to get out fishing, I never had the opportunity to do that.

Up here there's better money so I could afford to buy things.

Tips for novices? Just do it and get out and have a go. Usually if you want to go somewhere, plenty of people want to go too and they're more than happy to let you tag along.