FLARING: Larger than normal flames announced

QCLNG's first shipment from Train 2 left Gladstone harbour aboard the Maran Gas Posidonia.
QCLNG's first shipment from Train 2 left Gladstone harbour aboard the Maran Gas Posidonia. Jens Lindhe/

A LARGER than normal flame is expected to come out of a flare at QGC's Curtis Island plant today. 

Minor maintenance on Train 2 will commence at the plant's operations on Monday and is anticipated to continue until Wednesday.

The flaring is purposed with evacuating natural gas from the processing systems in times when the train is taken offline and/or during its restart.

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The process ensures QGC's workforce can complete its work safely.

"Flaring is essential to maintain a safe environment for our employees and contractors who work on the plant. It is an integral part of our plant's operational and safety management systems and refers to the controlled burning of gas released from our plant when it cannot be processed into LNG," a media statement read.

"We closely monitor and manage air quality emissions."

Visible black smoke is not expected.

For more information regarding air quality view the Queensland Government's monitoring results for the Gladstone region here.

For more information on QGC's plant and flaring see the fact sheets available, send an email or phone the toll-free 24-hour information line at 1800 030 443.

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