Five toasters you can buy for less than $6000

A GoFundMe campaign aimed at raising enough money to let Duncan Storrar buy a toaster has raised more than $25,000.

 Mr Storrar stole the show on Q&A on Monday when he queried the need for tax cuts for relatively wealthy Australians.

However it was the response to Mr Storror's question from Assistant Treasurer Kelly O'Dwyer which may have most lingering effect. 

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Ms O'Dwyer seemed flummoxed and in a long winded answer alluded to how the Coalition's economic plan meant a cafe owner she recently visited could purchase a $6000 toaster and employ more people. 

However, not all Australians have been pleased by Mr Storrar's statement with The Australian newspaper reporting today he pays no net tax and lives a "difficult life on Austudy" benefits.