Sue Vandy at Aldi Gladstone grand opening.
Sue Vandy at Aldi Gladstone grand opening. Paul Braven GLA080317ALDI

Five things shoppers really need to know about ALDI Gladstone

IF YOU'RE one of the many Gladstone residents who have yet to step inside the new ALDI store, there's a few things you should know first.

1. Parking

It's a sharp right hand turn, and you might even miss it.

But the entry into ALDI Gladstone on the corner of Boles and Breslin St definitely sneaks up on you.

Following a right hand turn off Breslin St, you are led to underground parking, much like the parking at the main shopping centre at Rockhampton.

From here it's fairly simple, however, it is a much more congested below with pedestrians and their trolleys sharing the road with motorists.

There is an exit point from the underground parking that leads out onto Boles St.

Take a left and your at the lights, take a right and you'll find yourself come out near the Gladstone Show-grounds, eventually.

So until the heat from the new store dies down, we recommend shoppers park along Boles St.

2. They don't give you plastic bags

Whether this is common knowledge, as the writer of this article I can say I had never been into an ALDI store before yesterday.

So I was feeling a little put-out with an armful of groceries and no shopping bag to carry it all with.

As the check-out lady was stacking my items, I asked if she could place them in a bag for me.

But her response was that unless I brought my own bags, or purchased an ALDI-branded reusable, recycled bag, I would have to carry my groceries.

You have to give the franchise props - not only are they saving money by not giving away bags, but they have devised a nature-friendly way of making you pay for their bags.

3. Gold coin donation

Don't worry, you get your gold coin back.

But if you're in a rush with nothing but your bank card or money notes on your person, don't expect to be able to use one of their trolleys.

You place a gold coin in the slot and are given a little key ring. The key ring gives you access to a trolley.

At the end of your shop you can redeem your coin by returning your key ring.

4. It looks bigger on the outside

Don't get me wrong - that store has everything you need from the basic milk, eggs, meat and bread items to even furniture and camping gear.

But it's all rather squished together.

Maybe this is because there's so much stock it just looks very full.

Despite this, there is heaps of walking room, and shoppers with trolleys can easily share the path down the aisles.

The set up of ALDI is actually pretty unique, the middle of the store is mostly open, with only half aisles and as you get towards the outer areas of the store the aisles get longer.

The placement of stock is a bit random, with fresh fruit and veggies leading the way into fresh meat and deli items, but it's a welcome change.

5. Day off to party?

This is just a rumour and The Observer has yet to hear back from ALDI.

But apparently - if you're an employee of ALDI, you get the day off (if you're rostered on to work that is)!

Seriously though, this should be policy at all workplaces - right?

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