Gladstone's 5 safest suburbs, towns

BEECHER is Gladstone's safest place to live, according to the Queensland Police Service Crime Map.

In the past 12 months just two incidents have been recorded in the area, home to about 1000 people.

The map, which uses crime data entered by the Queensland Police Service, also shows that, unsurprisingly, the crime rate is higher closer to Gladstone's centre.

Theft and property damage are among the most common crimes in towns and suburbs with violent crimes such as assault centred in Gladstone's CBD.

With Gladstone's property market ripe for buyers, its information potential homeowners are likely to find valuable particularly those looking to settle down with a family.

A broad view of the map shows 3366 incidents in Gladstone's inner area with 1048 incidents in the immediate CBD including parts of Hanson Rd.

Of the inner suburbs, the outer area of Clinton near Byellee has only 59 incidents making it one of the safer suburbs within Gladstone, according to the data.

As a comparison there are 111 incidents listed in Kin Kora, 1519 in three key areas surrounding Gladstone's CBD and 98 in Toolooa.

**The area covered by this set of data stops before Benaraby to the south and covers all of Curtis Island to the north.

QPS Crime Map data
QPS Crime Map data

1. Beecher - 2

Living in Beecher seems like a dream when looking at the QPS Crime Map. The only two incidents listed in the immediate area in the past year are not violent crimes.

However the two cases - one of unlawful entry and one of unlawful use of a motor vehicle - are yet to be solved.

2. Yarwun - 4 

The sleepy town of Yarwun has only experienced three thefts and one drug offence in the past year, according to the QPS Crime Map. The culprit/s in all three theft cases are yet to be caught.

3. Burua - 5

All five of the incidents listed in Burua are yet to be solved. However the low number of incidents shows this town, just 17 minutes out of Gladstone, is one of the safer areas in our region.

Other theft 1 Other Theft (excl. Unlawful Entry) (0 solved) 1 Traffic and Related Offences (0 solved) 1 Other Property Damage (0 solved) Good order offence

QPS Crime Map data
QPS Crime Map data

4. Wurdong Heights - 6

Wurdong Heights is only home to about 350 people so that could account for the low rate of crime.

In the past 12 months there have only been three incidents of property damage, two drug offences and one theft. Only the theft case is yet to be solved.

5. Calliope - 14

Despite making headlines twice last year after police uncovered drug labs, Calliope still rates as one of the safest suburbs in the region given its home to about 3000 people.

There are just 14 incidents listed in the Queensland Police data; five of those were traffic offences -- including an incident along the Dawson Highway just outside of town -- four thefts, four drug offences and one weapons offence. All cases have been solved.

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