Five key findings from the Healthy Harbour Report

SCIENTISTS behind the first report on the state of Gladstone Harbour's health say the harbour is environmentally "satisfactory".

The Healthy Harbour Report Card 2015, released this week, collected data from 13 different factors including water and sediment and habitat such as sea grass.

Five key findings from Healthy Harbour Report Card

1. Water quality met regulatory guidelines except for nutrients, which were graded as poor (D). The cause of the poor grade for nutrients requires further investigation. Sediment quality was very good across the harbour.

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2. Five water quality measures were common to both the 2014 pilot and the 2015 report cards: total nitrogen, total phosphorus, aluminium, copper and turbidity. Scores for nitrogen, phosphorus, turbidity and aluminium improved in most zones. Scores for copper declined in 12 pf the 12 zones, but were still satisfactory.

3. Seagrass was in poor condition and corals were in very poor condition (E). This was consistent with inshore seagrass and coral habitats elsewhere in Queensland, which were also affected by flooding. Coral habitats are showing some potential signs of recovery.

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4. Social and economic results compared with the Pilot Report Card 2014 results indicate little change. Economic stimulus has declined slightly from very good (A) to good (B) due to relatively slow improvement in the unemployment rate compared to the rest of Queensland.

5. GHHP is working to include fish and crab indicators for the 2016 report card and is committed to a fish and health research program in 2016 following a workshop with the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) in 2015.

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