Five big reasons why Gladstone is better than Bundaberg

I AM a born and bred Gladstone girl, and I love my town.

So when I heard the news that a particular sister-city living pollie called Gladstone a "one-trick tourism town", my gears were set into "grind" mode, and I just had to prove him wrong.

So, just in case any Gladstone residents were also disheartened from  the comments made by Bundaberg mayor and councillor Jack Dempsey, I've put together a list as to why we live in the obviously, better town.

1. Industry

GLADSTONE is home to a number of refineries, three major gas plants, the fifth largest multi-commodity port in Australia and the world's fourth largest coal exporting terminal.

Our harbour is within the World Heritage Area of the Great Barrier Reef, and we get the healthy bits with a thriving seafood industry.

Mot to mention, Gladstone has also recently become a hotspot tourism destination, with cruise ships regularly docking at the port.

Tourists jumping off the ship for a day in our city are also greeted with a festival overrun with fresh food stalls, variety markets, fun games and more.

Beat that Bundaberg.

2. Cheaper living

YES - I know, the Gladstone property market has hit rock bottom, which means that the city isn't exactly at its highest point of economic standing right now.

But the one perk of that is that it's really cheap to live here at the moment.

Gladstone CBD January 19, 2017.
Gladstone CBD January 19, 2017. Mike Richards GLA190117GCBD

People are snapping up houses for very low prices or great rentals, including three bedroom townhouses for under $100 a week.

3. Better fishing (but you knew that already)

IF YOU'RE an avid reader of The Observer and pick up Friday's edition, you will be familiar with our Outdoors section and regular columnist Darryl Branthwaite (Dags).

Rock fishing.

Dags keeps us up to date with the fishing community of Gladstone, and there are never any complaints with such a wide variety of estuaries, dams, creeks, and reef fishing spots to choose from.

4. Thriving population

PEOPLE go to Bundaberg to retire, but Gladstone is a town people come to raise their family, work, fulfil career goals, start new businesses and much more.

But let us not forget the beautiful Agnes Water, Boyne Island and Tannum Sands are also ideal places for retirement.

And don't get me wrong, we love our oldies as much as the rest, but it's the younger generations who will drive our region to becoming an innovative, thriving city.

5. Agnes Water is ours!

I THINK, despite the Federal Government's  mumbo jumbo that Agnes Water belongs to the Burnett electorate (which also encompasses Bundaberg), and not Flynn, we still lay claim to that town.

The Choirboys at the 2017 Agnes Blues, Roots and Rock festival.
The Choirboys at the 2017 Agnes Blues, Roots and Rock festival. Mike Richards GLA180217FRONT

Because it's the Gladstone Regional Council putting in all of the ground work and spending the money in road works, upgrades, infrastructure and community projects to keep the city as beautiful looking as it is.

If you have a reason as to why Gladstone is a better city than Bundaberg, we would love to hear from you!

Send us an email with your reasons as

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