WIDE SMILE: Councillor Glenn Churchill with a solid Gladstone region mud crab.
WIDE SMILE: Councillor Glenn Churchill with a solid Gladstone region mud crab. Contributed

Fishing with Daz: Wild week of weather changes

WHAT a diverse region we chose to live in with apocalyptic fire conditions for many days, and temperatures compared to standing in front of a hair dryer, which is on full bore, to a massive storm system rolling through soaking the region and cooling those temps down.

In the middle of all of that we have had the new moon event last night and for the next few days huge tides strong winds and big seas.

It also means that the inshore systems, which are holding excellent stocks of muddies, mangrove jack, whiting and oysters will get targeted.

Christmas is coming and once this weather clears, and wind backs off a bit, the inshore species will be off the menu for collection.

Trevor Burgess the owner, designer, tester and marketer of Happy Rock Softies has been out on Lake Awoonga and last weekend he and others had a magic session with many hook ups, and releases.

As you can see in his photo he's such a great smiler, but this fella is being invited all across the countryside to speak about his lures, and also his favourite place to fish in the world being Lake Awoonga.

I was recently at a meeting where the GAWB were discussing their plans for the hatchery and the recreational strategy for the coming years and Trevor brought up about how well the lake was fishing and then we also see another couple of fingerling releases of 34,000 and around another 20,000 these past few days bringing the total to around 181,000 this year, with a further 50,000 yet to come.

This is the most well stocked Barra impoundment, not only in Australia, but I'm starting to believe, the world.

While the saltwater system is closed for targeting this species the likes of Lake Awoonga comes into its own and with a growth rate of 1mm per day and the average size sitting around the 830-850mm mark you don't need to be Einstein to work out that this time next year there will be plus one metre fish everywhere!

When you catch a decent trophy or that photo reflects an amazing experience, then we need you to tag it when you share it on social media #gladstoneregion #visitagnes1770 #southergreatbarrierreef are all monitored and then you hash tag the species for example #barramundi or the location #lakeawoonga it all matters.

The likes of the numbers and size of the billfish and pelagics caught in the region would blow you away, such at that massive marlin caught off Lady Musgrave by a Gold Coast crew, which unfortunately died in the fight, just about broke the world record.

Then we have the numbers of huge GT's, Spanish mackerel, huge cobia all being landed in the region right now in our patch, just shows the quality of experience we have here.

Many of these sport fish are released, and most only take what they require, but what it does do, however, is promote our region as a world-class fishery.

Looking at the weekend if you are down at Agnes, and 1770 maybe the beach isn't the go at Agnes with a big surf rolling in but certainly up the creek in a kayak or tinny flicking that lure in under the mangroves with the tide in should cough up some nice bream and Jack.

Those looking at venturing to Turkey Beach need to scoot into the shelter of the creeks and the Jack are there in very good numbers. There are some houses there for rent as holiday homes as well if you are thinking about spending some time there.

7 mile, Mundoolin Colosseum and Wild Cattle Creek are always excellent spots in these conditions and also at this time of the year as there are good numbers of summer whiting, flathead, Jack and bream in these systems and occasionally the Mackeral will wander in.

The Boyne, Calliope, and harbour are fishing extremely well at present but if a barra chooses to inhale your lure, be kind with it when handling, and try not to lift them out of the water.

If you need to get a photo, wet your hands first, cradle the whole fish when lifting from the water and resist grabbing it by the jaw as there are tiny bones in there which you will break and eventually the fish will die.

Most of all make sure you have the biggest grin when holding for that photo and subsequent release, then plaster it all over the internet using those hashtags!

As you can see Councillor Glenn Churchill needs a gobful of lemons to remove his showing off this crab.

Hooroo, Dags

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