BIG FEED: A big grin for a big 8kg trout caught off 1770 in 40m of water recently.
BIG FEED: A big grin for a big 8kg trout caught off 1770 in 40m of water recently. Contributed

FISHING WITH DAZ: Region reeling in fishers

THESE past few weeks we have seen some amazing fish being caught from huge GTs to massive mackeral, barra, and a heap of red fish.

With the breeze being up above the 15-20 knots range many have stuck to the rivers and creeks often yielding some blue salmon and grunter.

Daniel Cook has been out flicking lures for flathead from his kayak and just released a clip as has Dan Goulding with him chasing flathead.

It's so cool to see so many out there capturing themselves fishing and sharing that experience via YouTube.

Some of the footage would rival a few fishing shows as well.

I am super impressed with the drone shots.

Speaking of footage a few weeks ago we had Club Marine in the region doing a road trip with a trailer boat and they slipped out to northwest with presenter Dean Miller and camera guru Chris Deadman.

Three clips have just been released onto YouTube in the Club Marine TV channel and they are magnificent. Check them out, and if you receive the Club Marine magazine there is a massive story on their experience.

Last weekend also saw the 10th Anniversary of the Tannum Crab Classic which was well attended.

Plenty of money was raised for Gladstone Community Linking Agency as they distribute the funds to those in need of disability assistance.

The other, and probably the most important, reason why the Crab Classic was created was to get 50 blokes together to socialise and talk to each other about male suicide while they are away up the beach and there's no-body else around at the Lillies.

The group has recently lost two of their own and is encouraging anyone with problems to talk about therm.

At the end of the day we all have to look out for each other. Good on you Ernie and your team for bringing it all together and having a ripper time on the way through.

This weekend the wind is certainly dropping off but maybe not enough to venture out the front but the inshore side of things should be amazing with the new moon providing big tides and loads of action around the fast current spots in the harbour.

Spots like Hamilton Point and Boat Shed Point are ideal for hooking up those big soft plastics and flicking them right in beside the walls, allowing them to sink and flick back up.

If you wanted to fish the rock systems and be close to the bottom then the middle of the tide run will not be for you.

Look at the two hours before and after the turn of the tide, at either high or low.

These tides this weekend don't appear to have really low lows but just be aware.

Finally we only have four weeks to go until the 24th Boyne Tannum HookUp and in-between we have Easter, which presents itself as an excellent time to do some research on good marks or where the fish are.

Get out there and explore, we have an amazing region and the HookUp has no boundaries so the Haacks who usually have a red hot go at the Inner and Outer Wides off 1770 for the red fish, need to be tested.

Find out what works and what doesn't.

Hooroo, Daz

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