YOU BEAUT: Jeremy Brown with this nice coral trout from Sykes Reef this week.
YOU BEAUT: Jeremy Brown with this nice coral trout from Sykes Reef this week. Contributed

FISHING WITH DAZ: Plenty of interest in local region

CONDITIONS this week, and the outlook for the next few days have been, and do look, amazing!

Right now, we are coming out of the first quarter of the lunar phase with small tides, light winds and only slight seas, but we are building to the full moon in the middle iof next week with its 4.6 m tides.

The current is very slight at present enabling you to really get stuck into those places usually affected by tidal run such as offshore along the big drop-offs of Lamont, Sykes, Broom field and the Cabbage Patch.

Put a decent hunk of flesh or bait on the 8/0 hooks, and fire that to the bottom!

Even those spots in the middle of nowhere like 12 mile, inner and outer wides, or up at Rundle, will be excellent targets as you'll be able sit on your favourite mark.

Talking of marks, we have the world famous, in Queensland, lifestyle program host Dean Miller in the region at the moment with a group from Club Marine magazine, doing a story on towing a 6-7m Haines trailer boat up here with a RAM truck and fishing our region.

Unfortunately for one reason or another I have had to turn down their invite to go for a fish with them (biting my knuckle when they did however) and Dean was telling the group that Dags has some good marks, which in fact I do, but with regard to marks the fish do move around and to be honest, it's more like a general position of where to start looking.

You'll see the article in the magazine soon (just under 100,000 printed) but they are creating a Club TV channel through an internet channel.

They already have over one million clicks on it. Check it out.

Back to fishing! This time of the year the red throat emperor, RTE, sweetlip, or whatever, are very much on the chew, along with coral trout and this weekend most of the photo boards will be chockers with these two species.

Those looking to tackle the deep stuff beyond Broomfield, Sykes, Fitzroy and Boult Reefs will be rewarded with excellent pearl perch, barred cod and the odd trophy red emperor.

There is a large flat section outside Wreck Island and NE of Sykes which does produce some quality reds and if you can get the currents and wind right (maybe with a drogue out the back too) you can sit on it for a while.

The depth is around 50m but it does pop up from deeper than that.

Those spots are a delight to find but the biggest flat section I like is Douglas Shoal as it has coughed up an amazing amount of fish over the years.

If you are up that way, Guthrie Shoal has a really good drop off on the eastern side of it, and bouncing some big soft plastics across there will produce some quality fish.

Inshore the system is really firing up with excellent barra being caught, mud crabs on the move, and we are also seeing some great jack being caught down around Colosseum, 7 Mile, and in through Turkey Beach creek systems.

Folks the weather forecast looks amazing so dust that boat off and get out there and explore this amazing region.

You don't have to go too far to get a few feeds or have a nice day on the water.

Tannum Crab Classic is on the 31st of this month so make sure you get along to that day and bring your money for the crab auction and subsequent race!

Loads of fun and quite the spectacle.

The 2019 version of the Boyne Tannum HookUp is approaching fast too and you need to get that entry in to win one of the multitude of boats and prizes they have on offer.

Remember you need to be there to win.

Have a great weekend.

Hooroo, Dags

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