Beau Gower shows off his massive GT from Masthead Island.
Beau Gower shows off his massive GT from Masthead Island. Contributed

Fishing retrospective: 2018 was a real fishing frenzy

TODAY is an amazing day as it's the anniversary of my birth and the last official fishing page of 2018.

This past week has been one of optimism as we thought we were going to receive a couple hundred millimetres of rain from ex-Tropical Cyclone Owen.

Instead it tended to fizzle out and we only received around 50-70mm and not even enough to get the creeks running to any extent.

In the meantime, the keen anglers were out there in the rain, such as Alanna Darnell - as you can see with her first mangrove jack. Top stuff Alanna.

These few days - like yesterday, today and tomorrow - look as though they will be the only opportunity prior to Christmas to get out and do some hunting and collecting for a Christmas Day feast.

Sunday is expected to really blow up around lunchtime, which will be ideal for those who bring their surfboards up to Agnes and Tannum Sands.

Keep an eye on the GPC beach cams through this link

With the full-moon lunar phase this weekend and into Christmas, the tides will be big so plan your trip to have the wind and current going in the same direction.

We do not need any fatalities over the festive season.

Make sure you call into VMR Gladstone or Roundhill and let them know where you are going.

Make sure you have all your safety gear up to date and those on board know how to use it.


We all love our seafood and heading out from Seventeen Seventy will be an absolute treat this morning and also tomorrow morning.

But the wind will be blowing directly into that creek so pick your departure time, as you should if you are leaving from the Boyne or heading out through North Entrance, because an outgoing tide will produce a decent wave/ swell/ chop in those spots.

Coral trout, red emperor, sweetlip with maybe a cray tail or two would certainly be a feast of kings on Tuesday.

If you are chasing mud crabs make sure you get those pots 'waaay' up the creeks and drains on the top of the tide and deep into the mangroves.

Ensure they are properly marked.

Finally I thought we'd also include some of the amazing pelagics, which we have been showing off throughout the year.

This region is a world-class fishery and if you latch onto these and get to hold it up for the camera make sure you share that photo and hashtag it #gladstoneregion and #southerngreatbarrierreef

Have a wonderful, safe, and holy Christmas folks and we here at GAPDL are looking forward to an amazing 2019.

Hooroo, Dags

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