FISHERMEN have netted a wing from a 70-year-old fighter plane complete with three machine guns while pulling in a catch off Point Cartwright.

The wing of the Second World War plane, believed to be a US war plane, was found in the nets of a fishing trawler on Wednesday.

Sunshine Coast Water Police Senior Constable Murray Lyons said one of the high-calibre guns could be operational.

"Close inspection of the aircraft shows the guns to be in good condition, considering the 70 years it spent on the bottom of the ocean," Snr Const Lyons said.

"It was quite an amazing find for the fishermen who thought they were just pulling in a good catch."

Historians from the Amberley RAAF base will assess the wreckage for restoration.

"We arranged for the restoration unit to look at restoring the wing and displaying it at the (Air Force) museum," Snr Const Lyons said.

"But we do need to get someone to come have a look at these guns and ensure they are safe."

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