Fish stock insights: Two tagged barramundi hooked by one fisher

THERE'S nowhere to hide for barramundi in Gladstone region's waters, with almost 2000 tagged by our fishermen.

This week two tagged barramundi were caught by one fisherman, giving insights into growth rates and movements.

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Infofish and Crystal Bowl founder Bill Sawynok said recaptures helped the research sites give estimates on catch rates and estuary health. One of the barramundi was tagged four years ago and it travelled from Colosseum to the Hot Water Outlet, a popular barramundi fishing spot.

"What's interesting is the fish from the Colosseum Inlet moved to Calliope River in a short space of time.

"Where it ended up the water is warmer because the power station heats that lower part of the river up," he said.

"We haven't had a lot of barramundi tagged in the Colosseum, Turkey Beach area so we don't have too much information on the stocks there."

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