Fish on the menu as seafood retailers prepare for Easter

EASTER is traditionally a busy time for seafood retailers, and this year is no exception.

Gladstone Fish Market owner Simon Whittingham said they had been selling a lot of ready to eat products this year, but fish was still the top seller.

"Easter is always one of those times where we get peak sales," he said.

"Fish is by far the most popular, but we also sell a lot ready to eat products such as your oysters, cooked prawns and cooked crab."

"We're very happy with the support the Gladstone is giving us."

The fish of choice for Gladstone residents so far has been Sweet Lip.

"Sweet Lip is always a popular choice," Mr Whittingham said. "It's a reef fish and it's always bloody delicious."

The same can be said for Smithy's Seafood over at Boyne Island, where Sweet Lip and wild caught Barramundi are the most popular types of fish this Easter.

Smithy's Seafood owner Brenda Smith said she was preparing for high demand in prawns with a fresh load delivered on Tuesday.

"We sold more prawns than we used to (last year) so we're catering for the prawns this year because I think we'll be hit with the prawns again," she said.

People were also buying frozen fish, with Smithy's Seafood having reef fish snap frozen as well as fresh estuary and reef fish.

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