Young Rohaan Ramswarup with a trout last weekend before releasing it.
Young Rohaan Ramswarup with a trout last weekend before releasing it.

Fish on the bite before barra season

LAST weekend was just a reminder that yes, we do live in the tropics, and yes, it does get stinkin' hot even out on the water.

Saturday morning's sunrise over the harbour though was nothing short of spectacular and leaving the busy port on a Kingfisher Royale 54 was the icing on the cake.

This was the last trip this machine was to do before being driven down to the super garage at Riviera on the Gold Coast to be sold.

Like us, many others were taking full advantage of the perfect weather and venturing out to the deep blue waters of the Southern Barrier Reef.

The duty person on the radio at VMR Gladstone, certainly had their work cut out for them, as soon as they opened for business.

Super-dooper flat waters and a gentle, balmy, five-knot breeze proved to be excellent conditions until that little breeze dropped out totally and temps climbed to the mid 30s.

At certain times of the tide the fish really come on the chew and from all reports the likes of Rock Cod Shoals fished extremely well with sweetlip being on the chew and some reached their bag limit in a couple of hours.

The region around Masthead and Cabbage Patch also fished well with coral trout and perch feeding.

Others who travelled up to Douglas and Guthrie Shoals managed to latch onto some reds, so as you can see certain areas fished well with certain species while others didn't.

WORTHY CATCH: Garry Rayner with his 13kg red emperor from last weekend.
WORTHY CATCH: Garry Rayner with his 13kg red emperor from last weekend. Contributed

Speaking of reds, check out Garry Rayner's solid 13kg specimen, from last weekend. Well done Gaz!!

In closer to shore things have been heating up as well with quality flathead, bream and Summer whiting being caught in big numbers at the mouth of the Boyne, Colosseum, 7 Mile, and in Turkey Beach Rodds Harbour.

Mangrove Jack have been biting well too, through Mundoolin, to Collo, Wild Cattle and in the Calliope River system.

Along with Jack the King, or threadfin, salmon being caught at the moment have been absolute horses.

There are also a lot of anglers who love to hold up barra, and display them on social media at present, which to be honest isn't really encouraged.

I know that we all are endeavouring to leave these ladies be, so that they can do their thing, and repopulate our whole region with little barra, and you can't stop a barra from taking a lure, but pulling it out of the water, and holding it up maybe isn't a great idea.

We call them 'nursing mums', and we should leave them be while they are going about their business. Not long till the season is opened back up again anyway, Midday February 1.

The Gladstone Fishing Network is organising a day trip to Pancake Creek, on Monday January 26, leaving Turkey beach at 7am, if any of you are interested.

Look up their Facebook page, and become part of a group of people who love to explore this region, and what it has to offer.

Sunrise on Gladstone harbour last Saturday.
Sunrise on Gladstone harbour last Saturday.

Speaking about fishing groups, the Boyne Tannum HookUp has already opened up for entries, and until the end of the month, you can get good discounts on the entry fees, which are handy if you have a whole family intending to enter.

This year's event is set to be a cracker being the 20th year.

The guys and gals have sorted over $300,000 in cash, and prizes, with 10 boats up for grabs, one of which would get your heart racing.

This is an amazing community event, and all who are involved whether a committee member, sponsor, volunteer on the weekend, and even the entrants need a big pat on the back.

So get on their website, and make sure you have a spot, because once the big promotion scene gets going, it'll fill very quickly.

This weekend it looks as though it'll still be a tad wet, and the wind, plus the sea state could be up a bit, but come Monday it looks as though the wind might drop right out, but with so much fresh around all saltwater species will be exiting the creeks and rivers and the Boyne will most certainly get another flush, with the dam overflowing.

Stay watching the forecast, and see what develops closer to the time.

Happy Australia Day for Monday though, and celebrate everything about being an Aussie, and living in the incredible region.

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