Waving at someone you don't actually know... awkward

WHY is it that the only time I hit my funny bone is at night?

I questioned this when having to force myself to muffle a yelp this week so as not to wake others.

Awkward timing and just moments in general can be a pest. And yet, also amusing...when it's not happening to you and recalled later in an anecdote.

I find it quite a giggle that children cannot tell the difference between a loved one who has similar features to complete strangers.

Note to my niece: not all bald men are Pop.

Since I've dobbed her in, I better come clean on some more common occurrences of general awkward humour that I have fallen victim to.

So here goes:

  • Waving at someone you think you know but actually don't.
  • Tripping over nothing while walking. Pretending it was part of a spontaneous dance move unfortunately doesn't lessen the looks of awkwardness.
  • The awkward moment surfers leave their towels on the one log on the beach and your dog pees on it. Run.
  • Pulling a door that says is a push door and vice-versa. There's a reason it's proper etiquette to have a sign on the door.
  • Saying goodbye to someone and realising they're going the same way as you. Every time!
  • Laughing out loud at something you read in public and everyone looks at you.
  • And the classic: when you run into someone on the street and sidestep them, but they go in the same direction as you - and you keep doing it until the requisite awkward laughter. To the left, people! For the love of all things right, stay on the left side.

Maybe you do not have these "not really problem" problems.

If it is just me, it's probably a positive that I have not got a VI in front of my person.

Then again, Jennifer Lawrence fell over at the Oscars and she's doing okay.

So, if there's something to be gained besides public humiliation, maybe I will take the 15 minutes.

With all my practice I'll be ready for the inevitably awkward fall.

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