Find your unique fashion style with new educational event

Style Me Up volunteers are thrilled to be a part of the unique event.
Style Me Up volunteers are thrilled to be a part of the unique event. Contributed

IT'S brand new to Gladstone, a valuable learning tool and a perfect way to spend an afternoon with some girlfriends.

It's called Style Me Up, an event which is the first of its kind and set to be a success, teaching women with different body shapes how to look stylish in their own way.

Held at the Gladstone Entertainment and Convention Centre on Sunday, May 25, Style Me Up is all about adjusting the way women and girls think about the local fashion scene in Gladstone and how they can improve their wardrobe.

The purpose of the event is not only to throw more support behind the local clothing stores, but to teach the ladies a thing or two about what looks hot and what does not.

We want women to walk into a store and feel sure about what they are looking for.

Event co-ordinator of Style Me Up Lyndal Hansen said she can't wait to host an event that will benefit the community in many ways.

"We want to get consumers rethinking where they buy their clothes. We all go and shop in Melbourne and Brisbane but if every woman spent around $100 a year in Gladstone shops then that would bring hundreds of dollars more revenue to Gladstone. It would be fantastic," Mrs Hansen said.

"We've got to try and stop money leaking outside of town and support small businesses.

"Style Me Up is also about bringing out the bits we all want to hide on our body and supporting each other. It will be an experience and self-discovery for women who want to feel confident and comfortable in their clothes," she said.

The idea to host such an event was sparked when Mrs Hansen and her colleagues carried out a survey of women in various shopping precincts around town, with the results not very positive.

"We asked about customer service, buying local brands, buying products outside of the region and found that majority of women bought clothes online or went shopping outside of Gladstone to Rocky or Brisbane," she said.

The event will showcase what 12 local stores have to offer.

"We want women to walk into a store and feel sure about what they are looking for," she said.



EVER wondered what strategies you could implement to hide that muffin top you've been trying to get rid of for years? Or what style of dress you should be wearing instead of that flowing maxi you won't let go of?

These questions can be answered at Style Me Up, as a team of experts will be on deck to guide you in the right direction.

There will be a stylist, image consultant and fashion outlet owners who all have experience in dressing thousands of body frames, no matter how big or small.

Style Me Up is focusing on six different body types throughout the course of the afternoon, with master classes, parades, group discussions and many more opportunities to talk about the issues that arise with all women's bodies.

Groups of 20 women will be formed based on their body shapes under the umbrella of Pear, Cornet, Rectangle, Column, Apple and Hourglass.

Fashion trends don't always suit every woman, so Style Me Up is aimed at educating people on how elements of trends can be altered to fit the body type.

For example, Hourglass woman should be aware that big belts, blouses with bows, smocks, ankle strap shoes, cowboy boots and big necklaces should not be worn.

However, wide open necklaces, pencil skirts and dresses that lift the breasts are flattering for the hourglass lady.

Event co-ordinator of Style Me Up Lyndal Hansen said women should never be in denial of their size either.

"Whatever your body type is now, you can look great. Don't wait to buy clothes once you lose kilos, just dress to your size the best that you can now," she said.

Not only will helpful advice be given to the ladies, but they will have an opportunity at the end of the afternoon to browse the local fashion garments with girlfriends and put what they have learnt into practice.


  • Master class in body shapes
  • Join body shape groups to discuss your group's styles
  • Fashion outlet shopping to dress three women in your group
  • Body shape fashion parade and group compare
  • Shopping with friends

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