Teen given final warning

A TEENAGER who has frequently appeared in Gladstone Magistrates Court for petty offences was given a final warning that next time he would be jailed.

Kane Seidel pleaded guilty to stealing and breach of bail yesterday.

Police prosecutor Constable Troy Daubaras said at 10pm on January 6 police were patrolling around Tank and Auckland Streets when they saw two men in the rear car park of the Salvation Army charity shop.

The defendant was found with two rolls of gift-wrapping paper that they had taken from the charity bins and the youths were having sword fights with them.

The 19-year-old Seidel, unemployed, then failed to appear in court for the offence. Duty lawyer Brad Krebs said it was a mistake that he failed to appear.

“My client had other matters before the court and he was confused about dates,” he said.

Mr Krebs said the theft of the wrapping paper was just an opportunistic offence.

Magistrate Damian Carroll said the defendant had managed to obtain a full page of criminal history within the past 12 months.

“They are all minor charges but this defendant has no respect for court order or probation,” Mr Carroll said.

“What do I do with him? He has no respect for other people’s property and there is a point where it is going to be jail for him.”

Seidel was fined $450 for failing to appear which was converted to 30 hours community service. He was also ordered to do 50 hours community service for the stealing charge.

“If you don’t do the community service you will go to jail. I’m sick and tired of seeing you here on petty offending,” Mr Carroll said.

Also in court yesterday, Shane Michael Noe pleaded guilty to breach of probation. Noe had failed to report to probation officers on several occasions.

Duty lawyer Brad Krebs said his client suffered bipolar disorder and suffered anxiety attacks which prevented him from leaving the house. The probation order was revoked and Noe was fined $500 or seven days jail with a conviction recorded.

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