Broke review: This film captures our story

WHEN it comes to stories of the human condition it's hard to find relatable content at the cinema you really connect with.

Broke not only speaks to those who can relate to the subject matter, it also helps others understand it.

The themes on the surface are gambling and addiction but I think there is more to this story.

The main reason why you might have planned to see 'Broke' is because it was shot in CQ.

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Yes the novelty to see landmarks and familiar faces up on the big screen is exciting but it pales in comparison to what really strikes a chord.

I am sure, if you are a local, you will be surprised to recognise something more prevalent. Something deeper.

You will see the real Gladstone.

Accurately depicted, warts and all, and you know what?

It is beautiful.

Gambling is a common problem in CQ.

Some others suffer with depression, alcoholism and drug use.

The characters of Broke struggle with how to build a bridge and find a place in this world.

It's a real problem for the main character - finding his place in the world after coming down from the success of being a champion athlete.

However, finding your place can be difficult for anyone.

These issues don't own Gladstone and certainly also do not define us. Yet it is how the story unfolds that reminds you of home.

The essence captured is something for us to be proud of.

We do community like nobody's business and I think it is shown in our day-to-day relationships.

We may call a spade a spade and have too many opinions on open discussion, but I think there is sense of tough love and warmth created in our community that makes us almost like family.

While you may not have a cameo in the film in a physical sense - you will see yourself in the humour, the honesty and the community spirit.

Contributed by HOTFM presenter Ben Norris

The film

Opens at the Gladstone Cinema today.

Session times running until April 10: 11.20am, 5.05pm, 7.10pm

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