Figure competitors shape up for titles

COACH Daryl Te'nadii has high hopes for two of his female competitors in upcoming masters figure championships.  

He has been training the pair - Claire Murphy and Janet Te'nadii - for the past eight months in the lead-up to the ANB 2016 South Pacific Women's Figure Championships tomorrow and the ANB 2016 Coral Coast Women's Figure Championships on Sunday, April 24.   

Both women have been training under a selected and pre-arranged training regime under the Rapid Results Australia owner, master coach and former Australian champion since August last year.  

Janet will compete in the Women's Open Masters Figure class at the South Pacific championships in Mackay and the Coral Coast Championships in Townsville.   

At age 47, her prior achievements in this field were in 2001 when she won the Sunshine Coast Women's Open Figure, the 2001 Queensland Open Figure and placed 2nd in the 2001 Australian Women's Figure class.   

"Janet has been retired from competitions for the past 13 years so the return has been exciting and challenging, knowing the time away from this sport has been long," Daryl said.   

"Janet is cut, hard and refined to an amazing level which will be displayed in the coming weeks. "  

Daryl said many men would cringe or vomit if they were to attempt the vigorous training format Janet had undertaken.   

Janet will also compete at the ANB Queensland championships on the Gold Coast in June, hoping to qualify for the 2016 Australian and then the 2016 Universe Championships in Manila, the Philippines, in her class group.   

Claire will compete in the women's open figure class at the upcoming Coral Coast event.   

At 29, she is no stranger to women's figure competition, with previous efforts dating back to 2014.  

"She has taken the past 20 months away from competition to gain size and refinement," Daryl said.   

"This balance will put her in good stead for the coming shows.   

"Claire has also trained at exceptional levels in her achievements to walk on stage in amazing condition."   

Claire may also decide to compete at the state championships, hoping to qualify for the national and Universe championships.   

"Both girls have completed seven months on a specifically regimented and highly designed training program incorporating strength training, endurance pre-load training, cardio/HIIT/box/functional movements and core development over the past seven months as a lead-up to the championships," Daryl said.   

"Their food management plan has been balanced to allow initial in-takes at 1280 calories for two months, 1420 calories for two months, reduction and pre-load cutting and assessments at 1300 calories for three weeks, muscle growth and fat reduction at 1640 calories for one month and are now, in their final phase, at 1400 calories to reduce remaining fats to around 7.5% body mass allowing for complete separation and definition of the muscle throughout the body."           

Daryl is master coach of all sports at Miguel's 24 Hour Fitness in Buderim. His Rapid Results Australia will be starting introduction to men's and women's body building and women's figure competitions for next year.

Anyone interested in the high-performance training can apply to with a letter of interest and resume/background.   

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