Scott Elliot died at Double Island Point in April. His fiance describes him as a
Scott Elliot died at Double Island Point in April. His fiance describes him as a "gentle soul" and "child of the sea".

Fianceé mourns ‘child of the sea’ after Double Island death

MICHELLE Kostevc had planned to surprise her fiance Scott Elliott with his dream beach wedding, but now she is instead making arrangements for his beach memorial.

Mr Elliott was just 44 years old when he died of a suspected heart attack on the morning of April 21 while spearfishing with his friend Matthew Rawlins at Double Island Point.

Mr Rawlins, a doctor, dragged Mr Elliott to shore and performed CPR for half an hour, before running up a hill to find phone reception and calling emergency services.

Paramedics had to travel to the location by jetski, arriving about an hour later.

Ms Kostevc has spoken out in tribute to her fiance, who she described as a "gentle soul" and "true child of the sea".


She also thanked Mr Rawlins and the paramedics.

"They did everything they could, but they couldn't revive him," Ms Kostevc said.

"But I'm so glad Matthew was there and Scott wasn't alone.

"He did absolutely everything in his power."

The couple had already begun making preparations for their wedding in September to mark 18 years together.

"We were making plans to get married later in the year, but everything was just cut so short, so fast," Ms Kostevc said.

"I was going to surprise Scott with a beach wedding, because he'd always wanted to get married there.

"Unfortunately instead it's going to be a beach memorial."

Mr Elliott had been a chef for 15 years, but was studying to become a counsellor.

"He was a very gentle and kind man," Ms Kostevc said.

"He had a selfless personality and generous personality, and just accepted people for who they were.

"If he could help someone, he would, and if he didn't have anything to offer, he'd offer himself."

He had been an avid spearfisher, surfer and diver from a young age.

"He had salt water in his veins, that man," Ms Kostevc said.

"His true, true passion was for anything to do with the ocean.

"He was always after the next adventure."

Mr Elliott was also training to become a tattoo artist.

"He was a very talented and creative man, and very passionate," Ms Kostevc said.

His death has left Ms Kostevc in shock.

"I knew Scott for 21 years, half of my life," she said.

"I said goodbye and wished him a safe fishing trip, and he never came home."

The Logan Central couple had also lived on the Gold Coast, and Mr Elliott had previously lived on the Sunshine Coast.

Ms Kostevc said she was disappointed police didn't immediately contact her to break the news.

"Someone was supposed to come and see me from the local area down at Beenleigh, but nobody ever came to officially notify me," she said.

Instead, she was left to wait and worry, and only discovered what had happened after the Gympie Times reported that a man had died at Double Island Point.

"I hadn't heard from him by lunchtime, then I hadn't heard from him by 2 o'clock," she said.

"I went to check the weather to see if the tides had changed, maybe they got stuck in the sand or something, and that was when I discovered the news story.

"I had to ring around to two or three police stations just to find out where Scott was."

Mr Elliott's closest friends and family will scatter his ashes this morning from a boat off Noosa.

Mr Elliott had always wanted his ashes scattered to the ocean.

"He said being out on the ocean was one of the most peaceful places for him," Ms Kostevc said.

She is also making preparations for another beach memorial tomorrow at 2pm for all friends and family at The Spit on the Gold Coast, where Mr Elliott loved to snorkel and freedive.

A fundraising page has already raised over $2000 to help cover the cost of funeral arrangements.

"There was no life insurance, so there was nothing in place for this," Ms Kostevc said.

Visit to donate.

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