Pink new guinea impatiens.
Pink new guinea impatiens.

Fun and festive gardens add sparkle to Christmas season

WOW, it's December already. I just cannot believe how fast our lives are going; maybe this is a sign of aging or, as a customer told me, yesterday it is my date of birth that's responsible.

The cheeky critter; I think he is actually older than me.

Anyway, we had better start thinking about getting everything organised for the festive season, making sure our gardens and surrounding areas look great in case we happen to get some unexpected visitors or family drop in.

If you wish to brighten up a particular area, then a lovely flowering plant, either in the garden or growing in a large colourful pot, will fill the gap and make the area interesting and colourful.

If the area is a cool area then plant some New Guinea impatiens, hydrangeas, gardenias, azaleas and palms or ferns.

If the area is hot then maybe some bougainvilleas, princess lillies, lilly pillies, conifers, lavenders, hibiscus, cordylines and yuccas will look great.

As we all like to give lasting gifts to our loved ones, may I make a few suggestions of the most popular gift ideas from previous years.

Firstly, ceramic pots with lovely topiaries, cordylines or yuccas are always one of the most popular, as are hanging baskets with glorious ferns or other flowering plants, as well as lovely palms for both indoors or outdoors.

A lovely collection of fresh herbs in a bowl are always very popular and inexpensive: try to remember what herbs the recipient normally uses.

Bonsai and cacti gardens are also popular with the sons of the family and lastly, mostly for the male in the family, some fruit trees are always a winner - just make sure you first find out what fruit trees he already has and what fruit he doesn't eat.


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