Policewoman's leg broken during Helidon Spa arrest

UPDATE: A Gatton police officer has had her leg broken while trying to restrain a man at the Helidon Mineral Spa Resort and Caravan Park.

Gatton police officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Tom Missingham said officers were called to serious domestic dispute at the accommodation park shortly after midday.

"On arrival police have confronted a male person who has then turned on police and attempted to assault officers," Snr Sgt Missingham said.

"During the struggle a female police officer has sustained a broken leg."

He said the incident occurred on one of the internal roadways in the park.

The 43-year-old woman was taken to Toowoomba Hospital for treatment to the break to her lower left leg.

A male colleague also involved in the incident was not injured.

Scans are this afternoon being conducted to see whether or not the policewoman will require surgery on her leg.

"It would appear during the wrestle to bring him under control he has fallen on top of the officer."

The 32-year-old park resident was restrained, with back-up officers arriving shortly after the woman was injured.

He was charged with serious assault and common assault for alleged attacks on members of the public as well as seriously obstructing police, obstructing police, serious assault of police, wilful damage and breach of an order.

Snr Sgt Missingham said the man had been released on bail earlier in the morning after being charged with public nuisance and obstructing police offences that related to an incident in the park last night.

"He had just been released from custody hours earlier."

BREAKING: A female police officer has reportedly been knocked unconscious during a dispute at the Helidon Spa caravan park.

Police responded to the incident about 12.05pm today.

Another female was also injured during the dispute, authorities report.

Four Queensland Police Service units and two ambulances were responding to the incident about 12.30pm.

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